Libra daily horoscope january 28 2020

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The moon enters Sagittarius today.

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    Love and Compatibility for January 28 Zodiac

    Cancer Monthly Horoscope. Gemini Monthly Horoscope. The moon is in fellow water sign Scorpio today, Cancer, finding you in a flirtatious mood! A fun energy is in the air—but some intense connections with a partner will take place, too. The moon in Scorpio finds you craving comfort today, so spend time with family and enjoy your home.

    The moon in intuitive Scorpio illuminates the communication sector of your chart today, Virgo.

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    An exciting conversation in your love life or within your creative projects takes place. Exciting development takes place concerning your home today, Libra. The moon is in your sign today, Scorpio! Today is all about self love. A powerful conversation arrives that helps sort out your thoughts and feelings as the moon connects with power planet Pluto. Forget about what other people expect of you — only ever do what you expect of yourself.

    Your daily horoscope: January 28

    All things are possible if you dare to take a risk today. You may be hugely ambitious but the planets warn you could be too ambitious for your own good over the next few days. While everyone else seems to be cracking under pressure you are growing stronger by the minute. Whatever it is you are advised to keep faith with it today and throughout the week.

    You are destined for marvellous things!

    Yearly Horoscope 2020

    According to the planets you could make some serious money over the next few days, but to do so you may have to give up something in return. Decide if it is a trade worth making and then, if it is, go with it all the way. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Leo! The world is a wonderful place and your own position in it is nothing to feel bad about. Make a point of counting your blessings over the next 24 hours — and then enjoy them one by one.

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    This may be a tough time of year for you but there are ways you can make life easier for yourself, not least by being positive at all times. Negative thoughts will feed on each other and drag you down — and you must not let that happen. Unless, of course, you are playing a double bluff game and want them to go that way. The planets warn that you need to keep your enthusiasm under control, because if you get carried away you could bite off more than you can chew and choke yourself! In the greater scheme of things you are still heading in the right direction, so replace that frown with a smile and just keep going.

    There is something you want to do that is clearly right for you, but you are holding back because you are scared it might go wrong and leave you looking foolish. But how good will you look if you never try? Get on with it.