Mole on bottom of foot astrology

They will have hobby of buying luxurious items and hence will spend a lot of money. A mole on the inner side of upper lip indicates that the person is interested in mystic science and mantras. A mole on the inner side of lower lip indicates that the person has a tendency to drink uncontrollably and will even spend his life savings on drinking.

A person with mole on right side of cheek is usually a sensitive family loving person and will give respect to their parents.

Such persons usually enjoy wealth, health and happiness and live a long and full life. A person with mole on left side of cheek is usually arrogant and tough and is not liked by others due to his nature. However, at old age such person usually lives happily because of their children. This mole also denotes that the person will have to struggle a lot to achieve success and will have to muster courage and perseverance in order to succeed in life.

A person with a mole on the middle of tongue will most probably have speech and health problems and will face obstacles in path of education and success. A person with a mole on the outer edge or tip of the tongue is usually intelligent and diplomatic and has ability to win over others with his speech. The person is also a foodie and there is a great chance that his children will love him and will have faith in him.

Such people believe that they are always right and do not listen to others. They are also trustworthy with others secrets but sometimes they may behave distantly with their loved ones. He will face any situation with resolution and fortitude. A mole on either elbow indicates that the person is restless and has a great desire to travel around the world.

Such person does not have big ambitions in life and also do not believe in keeping materialistic possessions. Due to their indifferent attitudes they have a tendency to fail in marriage. Moles on the outer wrist indicates the business or freelance work or you can say other sources of income that you will have. A person with mole on either hand is energetic and dedicated towards work. They believe in doing hard work in life. A mole on any of the left hand fingers is usually not good.

Such moles indicate that the person is not trustworthy and has a tendency to backstab. Moles on the tip of ring finger informs about the professions or source of income that a person will have. A person with mole on right ribs has lots of inner fears and tends to lie easily. A person with mole on left ribs will usually have an average life with average earnings.

Mole on sole of foot

A mole on the upper side of back indicates that the person is responsible and has ability to take good decisions in life. A mole near the backbone signifies name and fame in life. Such a person has great chances of becoming a leader and will have great responsibilities in life. A mole on the lower side of back indicates that the person is creative and intelligent in nature and is trustworthy. A person having moles on right breast is usually prone to bad habits.

Such person is easily prone to drinks and drugs and has a bad sense of judgement.

Chinese Facial Mole and Body Mole Reading

A person having moles on left breast is usually sober, tenacious, and industrious and will have a good personal and professional life. A woman with a mole on nipple usually has a famous and good child and a man with a mole on nipple is usually a play boy type of person. A woman with a mole on navel will have a good domestic life with a happy marriage and lots of children. A male with a mole on navel will be rich and will have famous son or daughter.

What Your Moles Say About Your Personality

A mole on the right side of stomach indicates that the person is hard working and will earn a good amount of money but will have a weakness for the opposite sex. A mole on the left side of stomach indicates that the person will have a jealous nature and wants to earn easy money in life. Moles on either hip generally indicate that the person will be happy in personal and professional life.

A mole on right hip represents wisdom and creativity. The person will most probably become an artist.


A mole on left hip indicates that the person may have meagre wages and may not have lots of money but will live a happy and satisfied life. People with mole on genitals are usually open, honest and well managed. They may not have riches in life but they are satisfied with their selves and their want and desires are not too much. They do not believe in just sex rather they believe in love and long lasting relationship. Such person has opportunities to go abroad and is usually lucky when it comes to life partners. But such person is lazy and unsocial also. People with such a mole are very positive in doing things and they can achieve goals on their own.

While getting along with others, they seldom consider others' minds and tend to be self-centered, thus need to pay more attention in interpersonal relationship. If the mole is in bad type, it suggests the high possibility of being disliked by people around. Mole on Chin A gray or bad shaped mole on chin symbolizes the unstable life without definite residence, either frequent job hopping or house moving. After middle age, people with such a mole will see frustrations and worry about children's problems. If the mole is in good type, it suggests the people will enjoy stable life, good luck and prosperous family as they grow older.

Mole between Eyebrows In physiognomy, the space between eyebrows is called the Career Palace, which symbolizes one's career development and promotion. A good mole here suggests the grand career in the future. If it is a dark bad mole, however, it indicates the serious marital or emotional problems around the age of Despite the good luck, people with such a mole are prone to misfortunes caused by negligence. Therefore, they should never be complacent when the good luck comes!

Mole on Eyebrow A mole on eyebrow is highly auspicious as it suggests the good luck for wealth and longevity. This kind of people are serious, responsible, kind-hearted, public-spirited and talented in show business. If the mole is good, it indicates the help from others; if the mole is in bad type, it suggests the limited assistance from brothers.

Mole on Upper Eyelid In general, a mole on the upper eyelid represents the life without definite residence and frequent house moving because they like freedom. If the mole is good, it suggests the person can take advantage of opportunities and turn the ill luck into bad.

If the mole is bad, however, it indicates the resistance against boss or elder will lead to the loss of opportunities for development.

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Mole on Lower Eyelid A mole on the lower eyelid is a symbol of setbacks in love relationship, so special attention shall be given to the presence of a third party in a relationship. Also, it suggests the person will often worry or suffer from children's issues after getting married, which will affect the husband-wife affection, even lead to divorce. If the mole is good, it represents many children and grandchildren.

Mole on Outer Corner of the Eye Such a mole suggests the person is very charming and has quite good luck with the opposite sex throughout the life. At the very beginning, the relationship goes well but it generally won't last long and the first marriage is often thwarted. If the mole is in good type, black and bright, it suggests the good luck and help from opposite sex in the career requiring many interactions with the opposite sex. Women with such a mole will attract men, either good or bad, for no reason and they should identify clearly.

Mole by the Side of Nose Usually, a mole by the side of nose indicates the frivolous personality and people with such a mole are drift-minded, which will affect the career development. They tend to win others' trust easily, have unstable economic conditions and squander. If the mole is very good, it symbolizes the good luck for career and the strong adaptability.

After middle age, they will have better luck and lead a peaceful and happy life. Mole on Nose Tip A mole on nose tip is a sign of profits pouring in from all sides. For a man with plump nose wings and thick nose tip, an obvious mole on the nose tip suggests the good luck for wealth.

What Do Moles Mean? Reading, Secret, Location, Shape, Size and Color

If a black mole pops up suddenly, it indicates the wealth will come in the near future. A mole at the lower end of the nose tip symbolizes several times of marriage and divorce caused by lust; also, it is a sign of bad luck for wealth. A mole on the nose wing represents the financial loss. Mole above the Mouth People with a mole above the mouth may give birth to twins after they get married!

For women, a mole right on the philtrum may suffer dystocia. Besides, this kind of people have poor ability of adapting to the environment and live an unfree life. If the mole is in good type, however, it represents the extremely good luck in salary, no need to worry about food and clothing, and the abundant spiritual life. Mole below the Mouth A mole below the mouth suggests the lifelong drifting from place to place.

Therefore, people with such a mole are not suggested to purchase real estate even if they are rich. If the mole is in good type, it indicates the comfortable life. If the mole is right in the center below the mouth, it suggests the person is weak-willed but thoughtful and decisive. Mole on Upper Lip People with a mole on the upper lip are sentimental and always consider for others. They are very attractive and make others feel good, thus have many friends! Also, they tend to have good salary and are often treated by others. But they should beware of overeating which is harmful to health.